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Coming Up – UK Game Releases 22nd November

So this week is biggie number 1 for us in the UK with the release of the Xbox One, and there are a ton of games out!! So again we’re not going to go much in depth, and there are a fair few repeats… But we will try our best!!

22nd November

First up is, Ashes Cricket 2013 (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Wii U), now I thought I’d seen this ages ago on the releases! turns out I was right! Pushed back and back, so much so it missed this year ashes, it’s safe to say fans are not impressed…

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PC/Wii U/PS4/Xbox One) comes out for the next gen, and Ubisoft have continued working on it up to this point, so bug fixes and new anti aliasing software included, means more amazing pirates for us!

Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Wii /DS /3DS/Wii U), very pink, dressing up, party games all in a sims Barbie house, and more pink!!

Battlefield 4 (Xbox One) again, already available on the current gen, but shinier!

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/3DS/Wii U) nice cell shaded, children’s action adventure game… Although I totally know a 26 yr old who will be loving this!

Crimson Dragon (Xbox One)…. Nobody told me there was going to be dragons!?! (Personal obsession here…) just like Lair from the early 3rd gen days, this is a kinetic motion sensor driven dragon game, with free flying bosses etc etc… Shame the graphics don’t look amazing… But I’ll probably give it a play when it’s cheap, simply on the basis it has dragons!


Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) is going to be a firm favourite out there, a meaty zombie-slaying game, with more zombies than you’ve every seen on screen, and un-ending, plus you have some crazy weapons to dispense them with. Shame about the 720p up scaling, making it not the prettiest next gen game, but still probably one of the most fun!

Fighter Within (Xbox One) making full use of the Kinect, brings us the promise of a motion fighting game. Compete against your friends, kick some ass…. Probably be absolutely exhausted!


Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One) was showcased at the Xbox One announcement earlier this year, and it still looks crazy beautiful, not only that, it is an essential buy for car lovers out there, look under the hood, alter, tinker and race…

Just Dance 2014 (PS4/Xbox One) one of the most active games of the year, with more hit songs, wider genres… This will def keep yours kids busy on Xmas day morning.

Killer Instinct (Xbox One) is a classic made modern, working just like Street Fighter 4, this by all accounts is an enjoyable fighting game, but probably isn’t going to come away with any awards. You also only get one free character, the rest you have to pay for with real money… No thanks.

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) gives us a master class in 2D & 3D hand held gaming, taking Zelda to this new dimension for the first time, with multiple camera views it’s been designed around the 3DS…. It apparently lives up to its franchise heritage.

Monster High 13 Wishes (Wii/DS/3DS/Wii U) fairly certain we had this one a few weeks back.

NBA Live 14 (PS4/Xbox One) seemingly no advancement from the previous game, plagued with issues and sub par graphics… Disappointing.

Need for Speed Rivals (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/PS4/Xbox One) is in the hands of new developers, seamlessly making online and single player blend together, it’s pretty and a good instalment, just lacking on imagination.

Ratchet and Clank Nexus (PS3) is the epilogue to the PS3 trilogy, giving you more of the classic adventure exploration , good fun as always, but I don’t think it’s anything to be truly excited about…


Ryse: Son of Rome (Xbox One) is a definite spectacle for release day games, it does look rather pretty, but despite the high production values, word on the street is that it can get a bit dull and repetitive… If you can stop looking at the power and prettiness that your new console has to show off to you!

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers (PS3) “A fan-service 3D brawler one-vs-one based upon the Saint Seiya franchise. Fun but limited and not very original.”


Tearaway (Vita) now this looks amazing! Made by the people who brought us Little Big Planet, this beautiful torn paper world, fresh, different and completely magical it is a total must own for Vita owners.

Young Justice: Legacy (Xbox 360/PS3/Wii/3DS/Wii U) comes out long after the tv series has ended to cash in on the fans. In all honesty it sounds poor, with sub par graphics… There is far better on offer this week.

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One), now I loved this type of games a kid, and the idea of been able to walk around your park at ground level would excite me too, but with only 9 animals that can be in full enclosures, it does sound like the novelty would wear thin rather fast, but a good launch game for the younger members of the family.

And then lastly, Zumba World Party (Xbox 360/Wii/Wii U/Xbox One), as a fitness game I think these are great, so much so I took up Zumba for real for a while… If you want a fitness game, and haven’t tried this series yet, please do, it’s tons of fun and you’ll break a sweat too.

Phewwww…. That was a slog, sorry I wasn’t as in depth as usual (and my iPad posting this increments!), it was a marathon this week… And next week another one to go!


Microsoft U-Turn While Sony Stumbles

So after the reports following E3 had come out, the consensus on the Internet was that Sony was going to win the next gen console race, with its lower price, less restricted, region free PS4…. Yesterday’s news from both camps changed all of that…


So Microsoft announced yesterday that they have listened to gamers over E3, and so are doing a massive u-turn on their always connected restrictions and used games policy. This means now we will be able to trade/lend/borrow our Xbox One games just the same as we do now, no fees, no time restrictions, no region unlocking…. Win! Also apart from your initial set up, you don’t ever have to connect your Xbox One to the Internet if you don’t want to. This is a huge change of tune to last weeks f-you comment of “Have no Internet, we have a product for that, it’s called the Xbox 360.”
This is obviously great news, even though here on the Sofa we were understanding of Microsoft’s initial policy, and the Internet responded well, greeting the news with appreciation that Microsoft listened.


Sony have had no so good a week, releasing a PS3 firmware update this week, the update was supposed to improve stability and change notifications, but has had users up in arms after it caused the system to be unable to reboot, locking users out of they’re PS3 altogether! Sony have issued a statement telling customers that the update has been pulled, and those affected are told not try to fix it themselves, but to wait for the release of a fix.
This could be damaging, having come out the same day as Microsoft’s positive news, and I still haven’t forgotten the last time they blundered and lost customers personal information…. Its safe to say our faith wanes.

So Sony may have come out on top at E3, but as this week has shown, this race clearly is far from over!

Xbox One – Update


So Microsoft have now released some more information concerning the ‘Always online’ rumour, Used and borrowed games policy, and Kinect controls.  So heres a quick overview of the facts….

Always Online

A persistant connection is not required, but the Xbox One is designed to always be in a low-power connected state for updates etc, and games that utilise the cloud… You can play your own Xbox One for up to 24hours, and 1 hour if your logged onto someone else’s, and TV, Blu Rays and DVD will still function at anytime….. Basically yes you need to be connected to the internet, but if your net goes down for a while, there’s no need to panic… I’m personally fine with this, we already have such constant updates on our iPhones, Mac’s etc; it keeps our technology more stable, errors and glitches will be fixed sooner, and probably our personal details safer…. In this day and age, if our technology is not constantly connected to the net, its just plain stupid…… And if I’m somewhere without internet for more than 24hrs, you’d probably find me having a nervous breakdown scouring the streets for a wifi spot!

Used & Borrowed games Policy

Now the rumour went about that you would have to pay to unlock any second hand games… Bull. Some third parties will be allowed to this, but I doubt any will, as its been announced that you will be able to trade your games at authorised retailers at no cost to the customer, retailer or seller… and Microsoft will get no cut.  Lending games will be no problem either, friends and family can play your games on your console as much as they want, but if they want to borrow your disk there are only 2 requirements… they must have been on your friends list for more than 30 days, and you can only lend them it once… fair enough. You will even be able to give up to 10 family members access to log in and share the games in your shared game library… So for example, Jon will be able to play James copy of Halo, at Ed’s house…. And when pretty much all of your games will be stored on the cloud, you can play your games, unlimited, anywhere…. Overall, basically there are just some new rules to help get rid of game piracy, and helping game developers stay afloat by encouraging us to buy our own copy if its a game we really like.

Kinect Controls

Now when they first told us about the new Kinect, it was kinda scary!  So unsurprisingly Microsoft have stressed that we are totally in control of what the Kinect see’s and hear’s through its privacy settings and we can even turn it off when we don’t need it; it won’t record your conversations; and will have clear notifications for when and how data it has collected is been used; and NONE of the data will ever leave your own personal Xbox One without your explicit permission.  Phew, so big brother won’t be watching… unless you let them.

Basically I think there is not a lot we didn’t already expect, but it’s kind of nice to have it all clarified, Microsoft have said though that these are subject to change on publishers and consumer reactions…. So things may change… But unlikely before launch. All in all, changes were going to happen with the next gen consoles in order to help the games industry weather we liked it or not, but overall, I think I’m alright with them so far 🙂

Xbox One – First Look


So last night saw Microsoft announce the new Xbox One, and here at Girl on the Sofa we’re going to give you a quick roundup on all the facts!

The presentation was definitely short and sweet, but with E3 only 2 weeks away its not a surprise, it was announced beforehand that they would be announcing the games there, so this was only going to be a meet and greet, show us the entertainment functions and specs…. and thats exactly what we got.

The specs we’re pretty much what we were expecting with the 8 Core CPU and the Blu-Ray Drive, although the idea of it running 3 operating systems simultaneously, one concentrating on gaming/graphics; one as almost a PC, with elements such as the internet and other such content; and one purely to control the communication and collaboration of the 2…. This means instantaneous switching between programs, and the ability to snap app’s, which means that you can watch a film, and be on the internet/skype/watch a trailer or what ever combination you want, on the same screen.  This I like, the amount of times I fire my laptop or phone up during watching a film in order to find out something, such as an actors IMDB is countless and then have to pause the film so I don’t miss anything while I read, countless… Put it all on the same screen, problem is solved.

Another great feature, the cloud-based processing… Yes your going to need a fast internet connection, but in this new fibre-optic world that soon won’t be a problem as more areas get it; but this essentially means this console has the potential to be future proof… some of the processing tasks are taken away from the console, and as future games demand more from the console, you wont need to upgrade your console, it will be all done via the cloud…. Great!


I am glad that the design of the controlled did not change too drastically though (Even though I wish I knew what the 2 new buttons did) definitely don’t meddle with something that isn’t broken.  But the new built in feedback into the triggers, I think has the potential to be great as developers come up with interesting ways to use it… one of our thoughts was that your shoot trigger could lock up, meaning your gun has jammed… simple, but could work.

Now the inclusion of live TV has raised some debate already that this shouldn’t be on a gaming console… I personally welcome it… We currently don’t have any live TV in our house, due to the simple fact the signal is so poor in our area that even through digital we only get 5-6 channels, and not even standard definition standard…. And we’re not alone in this problem…. So HD TV through the X1, I will gladly have it, plus no changing of source inputs!


The Kinect is now going be included in every box too, and having owned one of these already, I will definitely be using it as I think it is great for home fitness games, but I would like to see more in the way of proper games for it, i.e. not ones just solely designed for kids.  But I have to admit, this thing looks scary!! It can detect up to 6 people in the room, including their heartbeat, which muscles your using, your body mass and the rotation of your joints, all the way down to your wrists… It will take some time before I dare walk near this thing naked for hopefully irrational fear it will detect that, tell me I’m over weight and stressed, and then post it to Facebook!  But the idea of when playing a stealth game, if your heartbeat goes up as you become more stressed, that this then impedes your success, or makes your aim become shakey…. Now that would be an interesting way to use it.

All of this and it is supposed to be practically silent….. Please tell me where I can start queuing for it now!


I’m not really going to go into the few games that they did show, because I feel there will be a lot more to talk about after E3 in 2 weeks, all I will say is that if some of those shots we saw are in game play, wow, especially COD (Which are words I never thought I’d say)… And the NFL fantasy football snap app will be getting used a lot (Mostly by James!).  But we will come back to this section in a couple of weeks….

A big reveal was definitely Steven Spielberg been announced as working on the new Halo series… which you really can’t get anyone bigger, and it gives me really high hopes for this Halo project, cause he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t shaping up to be truly amazing.  And if the success of Netflix’s self produced series ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Arrested Development’ is anything to go by; self-producing series’ and releasing them solely online could be the way to go for the future of tv… Only time will tell…

And so with that, I’m going to wrap up for now, but its safe to say from the 3 Legged Sofa camp we are definitely in the Xbox One camp, and oh so ever excited to see what E3 brings!