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Coming Up – UK Game Releases (15th November)




First up of the day, it’s happy 40th Birthday to Atari!!! And for all us fans the Atari Flashback 4 (PQube) is released today as a special treat! The console is bundled with no less than 75 Atari 2600 games, including Space Invaders, Asteroids, Super Breakout and Tempest, all with 2 wireless controllers for about $60 USD. Now for those people that had an original, by all accounts this 4th Flashback iteration is not a perfect copy, but the wireless controls are a big bonus, as well as been able to use any other old Atari 2600 controllers you may have lying around.
So if you want to relive your childhood analog gaming memories on your modern tv, this is a great little console.

Next up we’re back to our regular console games with Deadfall Adventures (Xbox 360/PC). Now some reviewers seem okay with this, others hate it… What sticks with both though is that this game is totally an Indiana Jones wanna-be, made by Naughty Dog wanna-be’s, but sadly never will be’s. With a confusing plot, poor puzzle solving and dialog that ruins the moment, apparently nearly verging on sexist…. Basically I don’t think we need a poor imitation, your better off going back and replaying Uncharted.


Next we have a bit of fun we can all look forward to, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS3/PC/DS/3DS/Wii U/Vita).  Following in the same style as the other LEGO games, but with tons of Marvel fan service, with all the funny one liners and references a geek could want, this is sure to be a hit! Don’t expect to have Robert Downy Jr voicing Iron Man tho, they are all impersonated by voice actors, so it might sound a little off; but that doesn’t mean it wont be tons of fun!

X Rebirth (PC) is a reboot of the original series, in which you are a space pirate/trader… the trailer makes it look amazing… But user reviews are coming in widely negative so far, saying it has too many bugs, and isn’t close to what was advertised.  If your a fan of this series and want to play it, wait for the bug patches to come out, and then I think tred carefully….


Then last up this week is the second expansion for XCom, its XCom: Enemy Within (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), making a great addition to the game, with hours of new enjoyment, as well as 40 new maps, new units, improvements to the multiplayer and the like.  Its also apparently a good starting point for those who are new to the franchise, like me, and I have been assured many times over by a friend that “You have to play it”.

Anyways that it from me this week, but as we inch forward towards the new console releases, my question is, is which 4th Gen Console are YOU getting this month?!?