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Coming Up – UK Game Releases 8th November

So ‘Coming Up’ this week, we have a fairly quiet one after the last couple of weeks bit hitters…. I am also a day late with this one…. you can blame the booze… so we’ll be short n’ sweet!

8th November

First up, on our only day of game releases is Angry Birds Star Wars II (PC) makes its way to the PC, just one easy download from Rovio’s website for a tiny price of $4.95 and comes with pretty much everything the mobile version had, except the telepod apparently… I’ll be honest, I have no idea if this makes a difference or not, but at least your favourite birds will be home to roost…


Another one for Assassin’s Creed – Heritage Edition (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), this includes the first 5 Assassin’s Creed games including Assassin’s Creed I, II and III, Revelations and Brotherhood… Now you should own/played all of these games, but like me probably a copy or two has been “lent” to a friend never to return, or you traded them in, if thats a case, and you love this franchise as much as I do, this is amazing value for money. 5 Games for the price of 1, £40 gets you all of it, so you can play from start to finish to your hearts content!

For the rest of this week we are heading over to the handhelds, first up Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (3DS) a scaled down companion game to its recently released bigger brother; is a 2.5D side scroller, with seemingly slower clunkier moves, puzzle solving adventure that we’ve come to see on the 3DS fairly often… Basically its not a scratch on its bigger brother, so unless you have a particular fondness for 2.5D side-scrollers, this isn’t going to be knocking your socks off.

Next up, we have Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games (3DS/Wii U), their biannual olympic series is back, same format as always, with 18 different sports to play, and even online multiplayer and challenges. Unfortunately all I’ve heard from reviewers who have played the WiiU version have said, that the motion controls are horrible, barely giving you any control of your character, and for that reason alone, avoid…


And then last for this week, we have Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS), the 6th instalment of this series of, puzzle solving, mathematical, IQ testing game play, all wrapped round a nice story, with nicely drawn 2D graphics and 3D cutscenes.  The only downsides I have heard about this, is that it can get a little math heavy, and for the story to matter, you need to start with an earlier game first.

Anyways, thats all for this week! Don’t forget to tune into the podcast this week, we talk about Thor 2, and a review of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (so far) and why no good story starts with a salad…. Oh and Jon rants… a lot!

Cya later alligators!


Summer Movie Draft – The Results!


So at the beginning of the summer we did our Summer Movie Draft to try and predict this summers hit movies….. So how did we do? Well you can hear all our reactions in Episode 36 – Take 2 as I surprised the guys with the results (So if you’d rather react with us, don’t scroll down!!)

1 Despicable Me 2 UPI $70,926,450 6/28
2 Iron Man 3 Disney $57,074,453 4/25
3 Man of Steel Warner Bros. $46,198,857 6/14
4 Monsters University Disney $46,084,685 7/12
5 Star Trek Into Darkness n/a $39,356,029 5/9
6 Fast & Furious 6 UPI $38,277,406 5/17
7 The Hangover Part III Warner Bros. $29,519,798 5/23
8 The Great Gatsby (2013) Warner Bros. $23,925,733 5/16
9 World War Z n/a $22,009,608 6/21
10 The Wolverine Fox $21,087,118 7/26
11 Epic Fox $20,947,882 5/22
12 The Smurfs 2 n/a $18,178,027 7/31
13 Now You See Me n/a $16,823,365 7/3
14 The Conjuring Warner Bros. $16,201,474 8/2
15 Elysium n/a $13,923,742 8/21
16 The World’s End UPI $13,354,358 7/19
17 Grown Ups 2 n/a $13,332,835 8/9
18 We’re the Millers Warner Bros. $13,040,859 8/23
19 Planes Disney $12,845,747 8/16
20 Pacific Rim Warner Bros. $12,785,909 7/12

So who won you ask? I think this years prize has to go to James, as one of his wild cards ‘Despicable Me 2’ came in at the top spot! Who saw that coming!  But our personal favourite, is probably Pacific Rim hands down…. Bring on next year!!!

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Special Next-Gen Xbox Podcast 21/5 6pm GMT


Word up 3 Legged Sofa fans!!

This week we are going to be having a super special show to coincide with the Next-Gen Xbox Announcement at 6pm GMT this Tuesday! And we want YOU to join us! We’re talking your predictions before the show, and your thoughts during and after, and we will read them out/answer on this weeks podcast!!
(Sadly no live-stream from us though due to tech issues)

You can live steam the reveal of the next-gen Xbox with us, both on Xbox Live and… Plus I’m sure IGN and others will be doing the same! This will be our first taste of the new Xbox, so we don’t know what to expect, all we know is that 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles they will be announcing the full line up of games; so we’re guessing specs, and features and hopefully an actual look at the new Xbox!

So how to get in touch? On FB, Twitter, Email… Hell, text us if you happen to know us well enough!!

Time to get excited!!!

Water Through Beans – Episode 18


The latest episode of 3 Legged Sofa is now up online and available to download from Itunes, Stictcher and Podbean!

Or if you look to your right, there is now a cheeky little link right there!! Yep, just right there! 😉

We talk about the up-coming summer movies, a spoiler free Iron Man review (We didn’t want to ruin it for our yank listeners ;)) and dive into the subject of wrestling; not to mention its Mitchell’s first but probably not last appearance on the show!

So go! Go listen! Like us on Facebook, leave us an awesome review on Itunes, leave us love and we will love you back 🙂