Late 2012 we came up with an idea… well actually it went more like this, I was at work, James was drunk and lonely at home, and invited some of our friends around to do a podcast…. And comedy geek magic was formed!

Now 18 episodes and counting, we are featured on UK Itunes “New & Noteworthy” podcast section…. long story short, we are immensely proud of our podcast, and it is ever evolving, ever round-robin of guests, and now this blog with far far more to come!

Now this blog isn’t the guys (Though I am poking them to add they’re own stuff!), I am the singular female component to the show…. Sara the Producer. I do pipe up occasionally on the cast, but quite frankly, hearing my own voice back through the headphones, on a delay, while I’m talking… weirds me out!

So what’s the aim of this blog? Simply to bring you MORE 3 Legged Sofa content! So winner winner chicken dinner!!!


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