The Golden Joystick Awards 2013

So the 31st Golden Joystick Awards we’re held today in London, and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest video game awards ceremonies of the year, fans from across the industry have voted for their favourite games and now the results are in!

So was your favourite game the pick of the crop? Lets run down through the major awards and find out….

First up…

Best Newcomer:


The first award of the day goes to The Last of Us, with the Walking Dead taking second place, and Dishonoured in third… All most definitely welcome newcomers!

Most Wanted:


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt surprised everyone with this win, when for the first time it also included hardware, it beat the PS4 and Watchdogs to the top of the wanted list!

Best Indie Game:


Mark of the Ninja came out on top for the best indie game.

Best Visual Design:


No surprises in this category with Bioshock: Infinite taking the top spot.

Best Multiplayer:


Payday 2 takes the prize, beating Battlefield 3.

Best Gaming Moment:


Far Cry 3 undoubtedly has some great moments and fantastic lines (mostly from Vas), a deserving winner. Second place went to Bioshock: Infinite, and third to Last of Us.

Best Studio:

Naighty_Dog_LogoUnsurprisingly this prize went to one of the most talked about studios of the year,  Naughty Dog with Dice coming up in second, and Ubisoft Montreal in third.

T3 Best Innovation Award:


Oculus Rift took the first place prize with their virtual reality headset designed for 3D gaming. OUYA came in second, and Twitch TV in third.

Best Storytelling:


Last of Us picked up its second award for its amazing storytelling, with Bioshock: Infinite and The Walking Dead as strong runners up.

Best Online Game of the Year:


World of Tanks takes the online prize, with League of Legends in second, and Dota 2 in third.

Best Handheld Game:


Assassins Creed III: Liberation was the winner of the handheld games this year, with Hotline Miami and Animal Crossing: New Life coming runners up.

The YouTube Gamer of the Year:


Yogscast took the first place prize, with Smooth McGroove in second and Francis in third.

Best Gaming Platform:


Steam took the first place spot, and with new hardware coming to our living rooms next year its sure to go from strength to strength. The Xbox 360 and PS3 were the runners up.

Mobile Game of the Year:


XCOM: Enemy Unknown won the mobile gaming prize, followed closely by Deus Ex: The Fall and Rayman Jungle Run.

Game of the Year:


Unsurprisingly the winner of the big prize goes to Grand Theft Auto V with most gamers still well and truly obsessed and in love with this game.  Bioshock: Infinite took the second place spot, and The Last of Us in third.

Hall of Fame Award:


Call of Duty got the hall of fame award for its successful franchise, and looks set to continue with Ghosts coming out later this year.

Lifetime Achievement Award:

 And then the last award of the day, went to Ken Levine, the creator of Bioshock and founder of Irrational Games, who was given the lifetime achievement award.


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